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Hazardous Waste Sacks

When looking to dispose of hazardous waste, it should go without saying that you should exercise high levels of care. Leedan has designed a range of high-quality heavy-duty hazardous waste bags and sacks that are able to cope with such demanding needs.

We provide our clients with reliable quality products that offer you a cost-effective solution for the removal of a wide variety of hazardous waste products. Our hazardous waste bags and waste sacks are ideal for the removal of waste in a number of industries including chemicals, laboratory chemicals, spillage waste, oily waste and any related contaminated materials.

Leedan offers an extremely cost-effective range of heavy duty bags and sacks that can be printed in a number of colours as required. We also specialise in animal waste sacks, asbestos waste sacks and oily waste sacks.

All of our hazardous waste products are manufactured in-house in the UK and made to suit your exact requirements. It is extremely important that in this day and age people do dispose of their hazardous products in the right manner in order to ensure that no harm comes to others, so all of our hazardous waste bags come with large print to warn users of dangerous and hazardous waste.

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